About Us 

  This talented ventriloquist and his partner Roscoe from south central  Los Angeles is a comedy team that brings plenty of laughter to the stage.  They have  performed in dozens of comedy clubs throughout the country,They have appeared on national television and performed at concerts, schools, cruise ships, casinos, churches and opened for major stars and worked abroad.
Over the years this comedy team  has been entertaining and bringing laughter to the young and the old with his clean and adult, yet incredibly humorous comedy routines. This comedy team is fearless on stage and completely unforgettable, Wood Doctor and Roscoe, a.k.a. Wood from da Hood, this comedy team is definitely  a unique act.

Comedy    On The Beach With Wood Doctor &  Roscoe:

 Comedy on the Beach" is pure comedy unrehearsed and unscripted. It is a blend of the comedy and humor of everyday and not-so-everyday situations seen through the eyes and imagination of ventriloquial team Wood Doctor and Roscoe.  Roscoe is  a carefree individual who definitely speaks his mind. Everyone plays a part and anything goes, Well almost anything, We keep it clean and  tasteful without the loss of flare, That way you can watch it and laugh with your friends and family with something to laugh at every ten seconds,  you'll have to watch it more than once.